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Copi Brief - Edition 1


Last month, we reached the final stages of solidifying our 90-day plan, and this month, we're in the process of implementing it. We have mapped out the next 365 days with both broad objectives and specific tasks for all team members extending through April. This comprehensive planning will result in an array of new playable features and significant advances in our marketing efforts. In the upcoming 30 days, our focus will include:

  • Expanding Avatar customization options with additional outfits and hairstyles.
  • Enhancing the inventory system to include props, icons, and programming.
  • Developing Solace Land Plots for community engagement.
  • Introducing Woodworking Buildings for crafting opportunities.
  • Launching a Testers Toolkit, equipped with new custom tools to streamline the testing process.

Game release 0.2.23 “Let's Get Spatial” was released on March 2nd which includes the communities first look at the spatial player inventory system. Many items can be found throughout the Calido Resort area to interact with such as credit chips, Copi Cola cans, gold bars, and burritos. There is also a "Strange Cube" that only spawns once a day.

Our team is diligently at work, strengthened by the arrival of new members and ongoing improvements to our organizational structure.


Our Tokensfarm Staking Program opened and is running through July.

Our Land Staking Program received an update in the form of a revised claim date from DripDropz. Rewards became available on Monday February 19th, making this the revised Epoch timeline. Check out the land staking deck for more information.

We also announced our inaugural node sale on BASE, which opened on February 13th. Check out our BASE Node Sale Press Release for more information.



ETHDenver has just wrapped up. Cornucopias was able to provide a game demo and was attended by Josh, Geoff, Matt & Ben. They reported that the game garnered a lot of interest and the attendees were very impressed with the development of Cornucopias. The team made a lot of great connections and are overall very pleased with the results of the conference.

Other Updates

  • Matt, our former Community Director, has been promoted to Marketing Director. Off to a fast start, he has tightened up the departments workflow and has developed a marketing plan that will begin to roll out shortly.
  • Coming soon, is a new monthly show on the official Cornucopias YouTube channel called “Origin Point”. This series will be a deeper dive into the development of Cornucopias. Matt and David and occasional special guests will discuss the games they are currently playing with pros and cons, some behind the scenes dev work, and featured topic about gameplay and some questions.
  • We released Copi Cafe episodes #79-83. Be sure to check out Copi Cafe for all the latest updates surrounding Cornucopias.

Art Development

Our art team has been working overtime to bring in all of the assets needed for the upcoming Solace release. In addition to the massive environment that is currently in it's final pass the programming team is laying the groundwork for all of the systems like harvesting, crafting, hunting, farming, player interaction and persistent changes to the environment (and their replication).

Our Game Director (David) appeared on Copi Cafe #82 discussing the latest developments in the upcoming land grab and sector hubs. David also explained the world transportation systems would work within Cornucopias.

Web & DevOps Development

Our Web Development team has been mainly focused on the ETH node sale and backend support for the systems needed for the Solace release. The next 90 days for the Web Development team include:

  • Further improvements to player profile / game security
  • Cross-Chain Multi-Wallet Integration
  • Game Server Infrastructure
  • Automated Game Builds
  • Automated Launcher Builds
  • Streamlining Game Updates
  • Web-based Land Plot Selection Interface - We're currently in the process of developing the front and back end for a massive, interactive representation of Solace that will allow players to view and pick available land plots as part of the upcoming land grab

Community Highlight

Our friend Josh, of Late Game Crypto released a video on his YouTube channel highlighting all of the fantastic content creators in our community. Please check out his video and don't forget to like and subscribe.

New Team Members

We've been busy building out the dev teams recently with some new hires (listed below) as well as a number of positions that are in the process of being filled.

  • 3 Jr. Environment Artists
  • Senior Gameplay Programmer
  • Software Engineer

More About Cornucopias

Cornucopias is a cutting edge open world MMO set in a world where humanity has ascended from the Earth's surface and created a breathtaking new world in the sky. This fantastical realm is a system of floating islands, carved from the land we once called home, now encased in radically advanced dome-shaped structures suspended high above the clouds. Each one is a futuristic marvel with its own unique environment, identity, and thriving communities. It is within these Domes the epic journey begins. Here, players take control of their own personal avatar, which gives them the freedom to choose their destiny! Be immersed in vast landscapes, explore vibrant settlements, and engage in a myriad of activities such as crafting, commerce, combat, racing, and more. Welcome to a world where the sky is no longer the limit.