Cover Image for Cornucopians continue successful NFT land sale minting streak!

Cornucopians continue successful NFT land sale minting streak!

Cornucopias Cardano Metaverse Land Mint Day 2 post sale update


If the last two days haven’t made it clear, there’s a massive demand for Cornucopias Cardano metaverse land NFTs! Day 2 of Cornucopias’ long-awaited land sale concluded in a stunning and successful way, with many members of the community happily sharing pictures of their NFTs on Cornucopias’ Official Discord server. 

From 2pm UTC to 9pm UTC Cornucopians from 156 countries successfully minted through the project’s entire supply of Medium NFT land deeds. Talk about an international community, there are only 195 countries in the world! That means that there’s potentially a Cornucopian in almost every country on Earth in possession of a Medium NFT land deed.

These NFTs will be redeemable for Medium District land plots in the first 3 Zones of Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse.

Did you manage to bag yourself a Cornucopias’ Official Land Deed NFT? Congratulations! You’re officially a founding land owner in Cardano’s most ambitious metaverse project! If not, don't worry, we have day 3, 4, and 5 to go, with the best chance to bag a Mythic.

In which of Cornucopias’ 3 Zones will you build your version of the metaverse?

Maybe you’re looking forward to building an attractive residential property designed to seamlessly mesh with Solace’s natural beauty? Perhaps you’re more interested in creating an inn so that weary wanders from across Fortune’s winding trails can safely and soundly rest at night? Or will you build a workshop on Esperanza’s untamed wilderness to help residents craft useful mining and expedition tools?  

As a holder of Cornucopias’ Official Medium Land Deed NFT, you are the driving architectural and engineering force behind Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse!  

Fast Facts on Cornucopias Land Sale, Day 2:

Just like the first day of Cornucopias’ land sale, Medium sized NFT land plots for every tier sold out faster than you can say “Cardano metaverse.” Indeed, Cornucopias’ custom NFT marketplace continues to empower the community with the smoothest, most carefully calculated mint on the entire Cardano blockchain.

Naturally, Cornucopias’ Medium NFT land plot sales volume on secondary marketplaces remains extremely high! With all Small and Medium plots completely sold out, the sales volume on the secondary marketplaces has already pushed well past the 1 million ADA mark at the time of this writing, and shows no signs of slowing down! 

Cornucopias land plot NFTs are loaded with rewards and utility features!

Also, to everyone ready to flip their freshly minted land plots, please remember that staking and airdrop rewards are available to ALL land owners, regardless of the size of your plot!

So while we don’t want to discourage flipping your way up to a larger property, we do want everyone to keep in mind that land ownership in Cornucopias Cardano metaverse comes with a couple of awesome perks! Some of which include, but are not limited to the following:


- Airdrops

- Staking for game supplies

- Staking for COPI tokens 

- Discord land owners role providing future sales access



- Earn in-game tokens by working your land

- Be the landlord and collect rental income

Please take all of these rewards and perks into consideration with your newly minted land plots!  This is the only “themed zone” land sale this year! In any case, today’s second mint turned out to be another extremely successful day of Cornucopias’ land sale.

It is quickly becoming evident to all denizens of the Metaverse that Cornucopians are an unstoppable force.

Only 3 Days left to mint increasingly larger and rarer land plots!

Keep in mind that this is only day 2 of Cornucopias’ inaugural land mint. Cornucopias' first land sale is a multi-day mint and will conclude on Tuesday, June 7th, 2022. Did you miss your chance to claim a Small or Medium land plot deed NFT? No worries, you still have 3 days left to stake your flag firmly in the most desirable land anywhere in the Metaverse.

However, as Cornucopias’ land sale continues, not only will the size of the available land plots increase – their scarcity will as well. There are more Small & Medium land plots in Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse than there are larger land plots. Remember, the best plots in Cornucopias’ metaverse are based on rarity & size, so there’s still a chance to mint one of the larger Legendary or Mythic land plots, but those odds are rapidly declining!

There have been swift secondary market sales over the last 48 hours with various strategies to "flip-up" and also to capitalize on the popularity of Cornucopias' NFTs. This intense activity has been driving floor prices down which doesn't help the community. Therefore, the team will be minting the days NFTs when the 4th Tier sale closes for days 3, 4, and 5 of this Land Sale.

If you want to know how to participate in Cornucopias’ remaining land sales, please be sure to join our Discord community and review the announcements provided by Cornucopias’ NFT Manager and community head-honcho, [AR] Indiana Jones#1587. You can also find video tutorials on Cornucopias.io

Final Note

As previously stated, the Cornucopias Team is thrilled  to finally present our community with the smoothest and most thoughtfully planned land mint in the Cardano metaverse. We’ve learned so many valuable lessons from previous mints, and our community’s feedback has allowed us to develop dynamic solutions via a custom NFT marketplace that’s second to none.

Everyone on the Cornucopias Team, from the Executives to the Game Devs, to the Marketing Team, has been 100% focused on providing a pleasant, easy, and fun minting experience.

The end result was a phenomenally successful Day 2 of Cornucopias’ first Land Sale, and we have you, our community, to thank for making this possible!

Cornucopians, let’s keep that winning streak going!

See ya during tomorrow’s land mint!

Thanks for reading…