Cover Image for COPI Community steals the show in 35 seconds: Day 4 of Cornucopias Land sale

COPI Community steals the show in 35 seconds: Day 4 of Cornucopias Land sale

Cornucopias Cardano Metaverse Land Mint Day 4 of 5 post-sale update


The 4th and semi-final round of Cornucopias’ land sale continued to build on the success of the previous 3 days. It’s a win for the Cornucopias community and the Cardano blockchain as a whole. With this 4th day of the land sale, Cornucopias’ land CNFTs have jumped to first place across all of OpenCNFT’s Leaderboards for the Cardano Ecosystem.

At the time of this writing, the trading volume of Cornucopias’ land CNFTs has allowed the project to place first on the 24 Hour, 7 Day, and 30 Day charts on OpenCNFT! Thank you to the incredible Cornucopias community for making this milestone possible. We couldn't have done it without your support. 

Moving on, just like the first three days of Cornucopias’ inaugural land sale, Day 4 lasted from 2 pm UTC to 9 pm UTC on June 5th, 2022. The Cornucopias Team is excited to report that this sale in particular saw Cornucopians from 162 countries participate in minting the project’s entire supply of “EPIC” NFT land deeds!

These NFTs will be redeemable for Epic District land plots in the first 3 Zones of Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse. Remember, there is only one day left to mint the largest, scarcest, and potentially most desirable land plot in Cornucopias’ metaverse game.

Were you one of the lucky few quick enough to mint an Epic-sized land plot today? Congratulations! The Epic NFT land deed in your wallet makes you an official land owner of one of the largest available plots of digital soil in Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse!

Stats & an important PSA for Day 4 of Cornucopias Land Sale:

Once again, the inventory of EPIC land plot NFTs assigned to each tier of the Cornucopias community sold out within seconds! While Cornucopias’ EPIC land plot sale was scheduled to last for several hours throughout the day the official sell-out time for all community tiers was only 35 seconds.

These land mints have firmly established the Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse project and our amazing community as leaders in the Cardano ecosystem.

After 4 days of minting, the demand for Cornucopias NFTs on the secondary market is still at full throttle currently at ~4 million ADA, and it’s all thanks to our highly energized and extremely loyal community of Cornucopians! 

Here are the statistics for Day 4 of Cornucopias’ land sale:


1,200 People connected
4.5% dB load
Sold out in 6.5772990

3,200 People connected
41.25% dB load
Sold out in 11.6491551

3,200 People connected
36.09% dB load
Sold out in 9.2579546

2,180 People connected
33.5% dB load
Sold out in 7.5462234

Total sell out in: 
35.0306321 seconds

Finally, COPIWatch has an important announcement for everyone who’d like to participate in secondary market trading: the Cornucopias security team has discovered that there are FAKE NFTs making the rounds on secondary marketplaces. 

Please do not be fooled by these imposters. 

Always be sure to double-check policy IDs: 07b39a8ead0ef1e3054e816a3b6910060beaf2210fded63fb90ce137  

Practice your due diligence and make sure that the NFT you’re buying is a legitimate Cornucopias land plot. Please encourage others in the community to do the same. 

Together, we are making Cornucopias’ mints wildly successful and extremely safe for everyone involved!

One more reason to HODL: Cornucopias’ land plots are rich with rewards & utility features!

In case you forgot, owning a land plot from Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse isn’t just a massive metaverse flex, it also comes with a delicious serving of rewards and utility features! Regardless of the size of your plot, all Cornucopian land owners will be entitled to luxurious land-loving perks that include but are not limited to the following:


- Airdrops
- Staking for game supplies
- Staking for COPI tokens 
- Discord land owners role providing future sales access


- Earn in-game tokens by working your land
- Be the landlord and collect rental income

Please consider all of these gaming advantages as you decide what to do with your newly minted land plots. Is your goal to become a metaverse tycoon in the Zone of Solace? Or maybe you want to be the largest equipment repair business owner in the Zone of Esperanza? Perhaps you want to create a real estate empire in the Zone of Fortune?

The only way for you to realize your ambitions as a metaverse entrepreneur is for you to HODL a Cornucopias NFT land deed. This is 2022’s only sale of District land plots in the Themed Zones. This is the only chance you will have this year to pick up an incredibly valuable resource at the price of minting. Don’t miss your chance to give yourself a massive gaming advantage! 

1 Last Day: Will you mint a COPIAS land plot?

Tomorrow, June 7th, 2022, Cornucopias' first land sale will conclude. You have one day left to mint the scarcest, largest, and potentially the most desirable type of land in the Cornucopias Cardano metaverse. 

The possibilities of a plot of land that large will empower gamers to truly start shaping their vision into the virtual soil of the Metaverse. What will you create? Who will you become? 

There are only 240 Copias land plots available to mint tomorrow. 

Good luck!

If you want to know how to participate in Cornucopias’ remaining land sales, please be sure to join our Discord community and review the announcements provided by Cornucopias’ NFT Manager and community head-honcho, [AR] Indiana Jones#1587. You can also find video tutorials on Cornucopias.io

Final Note

Anyone who participated in today’s mint may have noticed a few UI upgrades to Cornucopias’ custom NFT marketplace. If you missed the mint, here’s a quick summary: Cornucopias’ developers implemented an on-screen countdown timer set to start 1 minute before the BUY button appears on the screen. 

In addition to helping users prep for the sale, this upgrade was provided to give users a way to tell if their connection to Cornucopias’ servers is active. No countdown = no connection, which means that a browser refresh is necessary. The goal is to provide a smoother minting experience for all users.

Also, users can now see how many queue positions are being requested in real-time thanks to a new “unprocessed counter.” Once a user’s queue request is processed, the remaining amount will go down. This has been implemented in order to provide transparency into the project’s minting process and to help level the playing field for all users.

Finally, Cornucopias’ Development Team is proud to announce that there were fewer than 5 payment failures today thanks to the new upgrades to Cornucopias’ custom NFT marketplace. This resulted in a massive reduction of the support ticket workload for the community’s Discord mods.   

The entire Cornucopias Team is dedicated to providing the absolute best minting solutions on the Cardano blockchain. We are inspired by the loyalty and enthusiasm of our community and want to constantly improve our technology behind the scenes so that you can always have a fun, easy-to-use, and reliable minting experience. 

Thank you for being the coolest and kindest community in the Cardano metaverse. Remember, tomorrow is the final day of Cornucopias’ first land sale. 


Thanks for reading…