Cover Image for The first day of Cornucopias’ land sale yielded a flawless victory for Cornucopians!

The first day of Cornucopias’ land sale yielded a flawless victory for Cornucopians!

Cornucopias' Cardano Metaverse Land Mint Day 1 post sale update


You absolutely rocked Day 1 of Cornucopias' long-awaited land sale! 

After months of preparation, testing, and refining our systems, Day 1 of Cornucopias’ long-awaited land sale went off without a hitch! Over the course of 6 hours, Cornucopians around the world and from 4 different tiers of the community successfully minted through the entire supply of Small NFT land deeds. These NFTs will be redeemable for Small District Land plots in the first 3 Zones of Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse. 

If you’re holding a Cornucopias’ Official Land Deed NFT, congratulations! You’re officially a land owner in Cardano’s most ambitious metaverse project!

In which of Cornucopias’ 3 Zones will you claim your little slice of metaverse heaven?

Are you drawn to the natural beauty, verdant, fertile soil, and stunning vistas of Solace? Or perhaps you’re hoping to strike it rich while adventuring through the rugged desert terrain of Esperanza’s untamed wilderness? Maybe your heart belongs to trails that run through Fortune’s limestone mountain passes, highland cloud forests, and silent volcanos. 

As a holder of Cornucopias’ Official Land Deed NFT, you get to decide how you’ll create your version of Cornucopias Cardano metaverse. Getting the best plot is based on NFT rarity, so if you are shooting for a Mythic luckily there are four more days of sale with increasing plot size. 

A few facts about Cornucopias Land Sale, Day 1:

NFT land plots for every tier sold out lightning fast. Cornucopias’ custom NFT marketplace empowered the community with the smoothest minting experience on Cardano. And Cornucopias’ NFT land plot sales are setting secondary marketplaces on fire! All small plots completely sold out, and volume on the secondary marketplaces is racing past half a million ADA in only a couple of hours after today's sale closed!

It’s safe to say that the first day of five sale days during the Cornucopias’ land sale yielded an all-around flawless victory for Cornucopians across the Metaverse. 


Floor Price 175 ada at the time of this writing.

Daily Secondary Volume
~875K ADA at the time of this writing.

Marketplace Traffic
DB load peaked at 14%. 
Application Servers Average RAM usage peaked at 10%

Emails notifications sent by type during the sale
In-System Messages: 32702 
Sale related emails: 24274

4 Days left to mint increasingly larger land plots:

Keep in mind that Cornucopias’ inaugural land mint has barely just started! Cornucopias' first land mint will continue over the weekend and until Tuesday, June 7th, 2022. Did you miss your chance to claim a small land plot deed NFT? 

No worries, you have 4 days left to stake your flag firmly in the most desirable land anywhere in the Metaverse. Different sized plots will be on sale each day of the land mint, so you still have a chance to collect increasingly larger chunks of the Cornucopias’ Cardano metaverse. 

Final Note

The Cornucopias Team is proud to finally present our community with the smoothest and most carefully calculated land mint in the Cardano Metaverse. We’ve learned so many valuable lessons from previous mints, and our community’s feedback has allowed us to quickly and efficiently create a custom NFT marketplace that’s second to none.

Everyone on the Cornucopias Team, from the Executives to the Game Devs, to the Marketing Team, has been 100% focused on providing a pleasant, easy, and fun minting experience. The end result was a phenomenally successful Day 1 of Cornucopias’ first Land Sale, and we have you, our community, to thank for making this possible! 

Who’s afraid of the big bad bear market? 

Not Cornucopians, that’s for sure!

Thanks for reading…