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Cornucopias Whitepaper Overview

In case you don’t have time to read our Whitepaper, here is a brief overview of what’s contained inside it.

The Game


The play-to-earn mantra is threaded into the Cornucopias vision bringing power and new economics to the player. By playing enjoyable games the player will be able to earn cryptocurrency which in turn can be converted into real-life currency. Imagine being paid to play a game!


The game allows players to craft their own NFT such as furniture or tools and mint them into ‘Island Blueprints’. Other players can then buy, gather the materials, and then craft in-game into a brand new NFT.

The new build-to-earn gameplay combined with the play-to-earn mechanic that the Cornucopias team are championing will take gameplay to a whole new level, and new economies will emerge from budding entrepreneurs coding and earning like never before.


Cornucopias are teaming up with some of the best educational centers in the world to build learning into the metaverse (More to come soon on an upcoming partnership with European Business University). Players ahem students will be able to enjoy learning via our educational centers and earn rewards through playing education mini-games.


There will be opportunities to stake and earn passive income and NFTs in Cornucopias giving you risk free items you can use in-game or sell on the open marketplaces.

The Player

Character creation is key to the journey of players with a list of customization options. The main character can be customized to your liking by changing its facial features, body shape, hair etc.

In Q1 2022 an early web browser version will allow you to customize your face and see your NFT’s you hold in your wallet, which will be linkable to your player account.

Character outfits and accessories are optional and are also a great way to customize your character. These can be bought and sold as NFT’s and are not locked to the game. New outfits will be available in the marketplace to keep your player looking fresh. Furthermore, player created outfits can be sold amongst the community. 

Some rewards earnt from participation can be displayed directly on your character. 

We will be partnering with many of your favorite Cardano NFT projects, and you’ll be able to show off your rarest NFT’s that you hold in your wallet by displaying them on a badge or on a backpack on your character.  Partners to be announced soon – get in touch if you are an NFT provider and want to join our Partner Network. 


Mounts are coming to Cornucopias. These will be animals or creatures that your character will be able to ride alone (or with a friend on some mounts) to get around the game quicker. Some mounts will have the ability to fly, some will be super quick on land and others will be able to swim - perhaps some will have a mixture of traits?


Throughout the game the player will be able to craft items that will help them progress through the game or add to their inventory and be used or sold later. Some of these items will aid questing and improve the performance or abilities of the player and others will be NFT based items that can be sold or traded. This requires a process of gathering, looting or purchasing materials which will then be crafted.


Cornucopias is divided into diverse zones each with their own unique theme. At the center lies a City Zone, The Urban Adventure, which operates as the central hub and living space for some of the players (you might just find an NFT mall there, with tons of different NFT vendors). The surrounding area and zones provide versatile landscapes to explore from lush Samurai Gardens, Wild West Frontiers and Farm Zones.


Some of the land zones and cities can be subdivided further into neighborhoods with the lowest level being known as a land plot. 

Once a plot of land is owned by a player and depending on where the plot of land is located, it can be built upon to produce one of the following types of land plots:

  • RESIDENTIAL - this is a location where a players’ character can live and can be of many property types, such as a skyscraper, a block of flats, a mansion, a house, a flat, a tent, etc.
  • COMMERCIAL - this is a location where a player can create a business type such as a large shop, a bank, a tavern, etc.
  • INDUSTRIAL - this is a location that processes resources for the player such as wood, food, water, metal, etc.
  • AGRICULTURAL - this is a location that provides resources for the player such as raw food and plants, etc.
  • RECREATIONAL - this is a location that provides fun things for your player to do, such as exercise or relaxation.

Further information will be announced later in the year.


Within each zone the player will come across a number of mini-games. Each mini-game will be themed to the zone it resides in.

Throughout the game the player will be rewarded for completing tasks, mini-games and/or achieving milestones.

Some of the types of rewards given to the players could be:

  • ENERGY – the player's energy could be increased.
  • XP – the players XP total could be increased.
  • COINS – the player's coins total could be increased.
  • REWARD ITEM - this could be a crafting material or a consumable item.

To find out more details on Cornucopias please read the Whitepaper