Cover Image for Derp Birds, the project behind Derp Foot Jackets and Buff Hearts, joins forces with Cornucopias, Inc. in a groundbreaking NFT alliance

Derp Birds, the project behind Derp Foot Jackets and Buff Hearts, joins forces with Cornucopias, Inc. in a groundbreaking NFT alliance

Cornucopias To Leverage Derp Birds’ Minting Technology

For Immediate Release: AUSTIN, TX (February 3rd, 2022) - Via COPIWatch - Rapidly expanding metaverse gaming studio, Cornucopias, Inc., is pleased to announce the company's formation of a strategic and technological partnership with Derp Birds, the community-focused gamified NFT project. The initial draft of this announcement focused on the Derp Bird Team's innovative approach to community management, their extensive and unpredictable roadmap, their nine crossovers to include Spacebudz, the upcoming PRED invasion, their Gingerbread rug pull rescue, community rewards for achievement system participants, and the multi-sig technology the team has refined over three drops and 30k+ NFT mints. However, the Derp Birds Team has simply asked the Cornucopias Team to “just put Buff Hearts somewhere in the title, lol.

While the Cornucopias Team does not recommend searching for "Buff Hearts" on work machines, we can tell you that Derp Bird's focus on community and a technologically advanced approach to NFT minting logistics aligns closely with our own corporate vision. Cornucopias is striving to provide a seamless user-first experience for our community as well as members of the public who are new to the metaverse gaming and NFT marketplace spaces.

How do the Cornucopias and Derp Bird communities benefit each other?

"Cornucopias set out to build the best in class NFT delivery system and has chosen Derp Bird's multi-sig technology and Web 3.0 wallet integration to power multiple Cornucopias NFT deliveries," said Rob Greig, CEO, and co-founder of Cornucopias, Inc.

Rob continues: "Of the many technologies under investigation by Cornucopias' corporate and development team, Derp Bird's elegant solution to Cardano's network congestion problem has proven to produce the smallest footprint on the block for NFT minting and sending. Therefore, the Derp Bird's blockchain technology is a great choice to facilitate NFT mints en masse and will be instrumental in fulfilling Cornucopias' vision of pioneering innovation on the Cardano blockchain."

Blockchain latency, multiple wallet integration, and best-in-class user experience aside, this relationship enables Cornucopias' in-house development team to work on other aspects of the gaming metaverse.

Conversely, Derp Birds has found a powerful ally who will help expand their user base and increase use cases for their innovative technology even further: "Working with Cornucopias enables us to throw AAA-level gaming challenges at our rapidly growing technology platform since the solutions we create for Cornucopias will be leveraged throughout the Derp Bird saga, as well as other projects across the Cardano blockchain,” says Dave “King Derp,” co-founder of Derp Birds. "It's also kind of funny to see such a serious project having to say 'Derp' over and over," he laughs.

Dave “King Derp” continues: "From our perspective, there's never been a more exciting time to combine the behemoth demand for digital gaming with the explosive growth of NFTs. In-game farming, metaverse ecosystems, trading card games, achievement systems, and participant rewards have proven successful across hundreds of games over the decades. Pushing NFTs beyond visual art and status flexes is a natural progression for their purpose. It affords players a unique opportunity to interact with their digital property in ways that weren't possible before the blockchain."

The mutually beneficial combination of these disruptive market forces is sure to breed innovation previously unseen on the Cardano blockchain. Future collaboration on NFT advancement is paramount for the success of this new technology if we want to leverage the Cardano blockchain's full potential. If a new, longer-term partnership can be formed between Cornucopias and Derp Birds after the initial four mints, it creates new opportunities for Derpetonia (the name for Derp Bird's universe) to find a home in the Cornucopias Metaverse and continue setting the standard for new ways of unifying the blockchain, NFTs, and Web 3.0 Technologies.

The Derp Birds Team just hopes PRED doesn't completely wipe out the Derp Birds.

About Cornucopias:

Cornucopias is a massive Play-to-Earn, Build-to-Earn, and Learn-to-Earn blockchain-based game in which players can be rewarded with and/or own land, properties, and other NFT-based assets with real-world value, all by playing games in a fun and safe metaverse.

Cornucopias combines gaming with real-world commerce and gives opportunities for traditional and e-commerce companies to sell and promote their real-world brands, goods and services to a hard-to-reach audience they have potentially never had access to before.

Cornucopias is built on the Unreal 5 games engine, which is compatible with the PC, mobile phone, gaming consoles, and smart TVs, and will be powered, governed, and forever evolving thanks to a growing number of communities including blockchain, Unreal Game Developers, 3D artists and modelers, and general game enthusiasts.

About Derp Birds:

The Derp Birds are a series of 10,000, hand-drawn, Cardano-based NFT collectibles, each unique and special in their own derpy way. The project is focused on building a set of NFTs that users actually like and want to mint, and has recently focused on the NFT gaming experience for the Cardano Blockchain. Best described as the people at the end of the night who are setting up the after-party when the bar lights come on.

Website: derpbirds.io
Twitter: twitter.com/DerpBirdsNFT
Discord: discord.gg/derpbirds