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How to mint NFTs for the Cornucopias gaming metaverse project & what to expect during an NFT mint

Hello, Cornucopians!

The Cornucopias NFT Development Team has moved digital heaven and earth to make every NFT minting experience as smooth & easy as possible. We’ve taken what we learned from our first mint and loaded up this installment of COPIWatch with the information necessary to help participants enjoy a great user experience.

Below you’ll find information about how to prepare for an NFT sale and step-by-step instructions on how to participate in the NFT mint. We’ve also added sections that describe the lockdown protocols from Cornucopias’ official accounts going into a mint, as well as how we will handle communications during a mint.

We hope this installment of COPIWatch effectively addresses the community’s concerns, and we encourage you to get this information to everyone who wants to participate in Cornucopias’ NFT mints!

How to prepare BEFORE an NFT mint.

Cornucopias’ NFT sales will be easy and straightforward if you are well prepared. You will need to use a compatible wallet. Make sure you have ADA in your wallet and be sure to participate in the sale using a desktop browser wallet extension.

Before the sale, make sure you have accomplished the following:

Install a Compatible Wallet: 
In order to participate in this NFT sale, you will need to make sure you have one of the following wallets installed in your desktop browser:

Nami Wallet: Experience Cardano to the fullest!  
CCvault.io: A lightweight Cardano wallet!

Be sure to keep your password handy as you will need it to sign transactions on both the NAMI and CCvault.io wallets.

Everything you need to know about the GTI Javelin.

Get ADA in your NAMI or ccvault.io Wallet:  
Once you have chosen a compatible wallet, you will need to transfer the amount of ADA you want to spend to your wallet. Be sure to also have a little extra for Cardano transactional fees, a minimum of 5 ADA is recommended.

If you do not know how to acquire ADA, the process is simple. Go to the Cardano Markets page on Coinmarketcap.com and select an exchange that you can access. Purchase the amount of ADA you need from the exchange, and then transfer it from the exchange to your NAMI or CCvalut.io wallet.

To reiterate: Desktop Browser Extensions Only!  
Only the desktop browser extension versions of NAMI or CCvault wallet are supported by our current NFT delivery system. At the time of an NFT mint, please make sure you are on a desktop computer and that either of the two wallets mentioned above is installed on your browser as a wallet extension.

NOTE: We plan to add more wallets for upcoming NFT sales as they pass testing.

How to participate in Cornucopias gaming NFT mints.

Since our first mint, the Cornucopias development team has worked closely with our technology partner, Derp Birds, to scale our systems. Together we’ve prepared the Cornucopias’ NFT delivery system to meet the huge market demand for our gaming NFTs. If everything goes well, these are the steps you need to follow to mint a Cornucopias’ gaming NFT:

  • Step 1: Once the sale is live, you can connect your NAMI or CCvault browser extension wallet directly to the mint page. Have your password handy so you can sign transactions.
  • Step 2: Enter the queue and wait until it is your turn. If there is no line, you will go straight to mint. We thank you for your patience!
  • Step 3: Once it’s your turn, you will be taken to mint! There will be a max of 1 GTI Javelin at a time, so just hit the MINT button.
  • Step 4: Use your wallet to sign the transaction. While you wait, a placeholder pre-reveal image will be shown on the screen.
  • Step 5: Once your NFT is ready, your new lucky minted GTI Javelin will be shown on the screen. The NFT will also be delivered to your wallet. Congratulations, you're officially part of the blockchain gaming revolution!

After you've minted your NFTs, you can use pool.pm to view them in their full glory! Better yet, share a pic of your freshly minted gaming NFT on Cornucopias' official Twitter account with #cornucopiasgame

The Cornucopias and Derp Birds teams have worked hard to ensure that there are no issues with the queue system. If anything does occur, please remain patient and watch Cornucopias’ official communication channels for updates and/or emergency measures.

Lockdown protocols before the mint.

It is highly possible that there may be wave after wave of scammers that flood Cornucopias’ official Discord, Telegram, and other communication lines. Our first mint was bombarded by an army of scammers spamming links to a fake sale page. There was even a scammer who dared to impersonate MATT (Indiana Jones#1587) on Discord!

Do not be fooled by scammers. Do not let anyone you know be fooled by scammers. We are the Corn Fam, and we need to have each other’s backs. Remember, watch out for scammers, and please...


In order to protect the community from scammers, each communication channel has developed the following lockdown protocols. Please familiarize yourself with them. 

Discord Lockdown Protocol:  
All Discord channels will enter slow mode 2 hrs before the NFT sale. Except for #support all Discord channels will be locked down 1 hour before the NFT sale. The #support channel will be in slow mode to prevent raids from scammers. The NFT Sale NOW LIVE announcement will be made in #major-announcements. NFT mint updates & emergency communications will also be made in the same channel. If you need to reach out to our Discord support team, you can use the #support channel or send direct messages to mods.  

Telegram Lockdown Protocol:   
The Telegram group chat will be locked down 1 hour before the NFT sale. The NFT Sale NOW LIVE announcement will be posted and pinned to the top of the Official Cornucopias Game Telegram Group Chat. NFT mint updates & emergency communications will be made in this chat, if necessary.  

Twitter Lockdown Protocol:  
Twitter will be lockdown 1 hour before the sale. The NFT Sale NOW LIVE announcement will be posted and marked as a pinned tweet on the Official Cornucopias Game Twitter account. Twitter is the only mainstream social media platform where we will post NFT mint updates, or emergency communications if necessary.

These lockdown protocols should help to protect the community against scammers while also providing a shield against the negativity from FUD’ers. We have implemented every possible technical solution to overcome the issues that plagued our first mint, but it’s just as important to keep the community’s morale safe from negative actors.  

TOXICITY will NOT be tolerated. Timeouts and bans will be used in any situation where foul language is abused, addresses are posted, etc. If you are having a hard time with someone or something please post in #support or DM a mod for help.

Precautions & Emergency Communications.

We’ve taken every precaution possible to ensure a smooth minting experience despite the potential surge of users we expect to see on minting day.  

We’ve made the decision to bypass any WordPress site layers and funnel minters directly to our NFT delivery system hosted by Derp Birds. This should prevent the frustration many users experienced during our first mint when the landing page hosted by Cornuopias.io crashed. We have also load-tested our NFT delivery system with a much higher volume of test minters to ensure it can withstand the demand, however, the demand is variable. It is not possible to test millions of API calls and all variables when the demand gets as high as we anticipate it is going to be. 

As the mint progresses, the Cornucopias Communication Team will provide updates. If anything goes wrong, we will ensure that emergency measures are clearly and quickly communicated to the community on the previously identified communication channels.

Final Note:

We hope this installment of COPIWatch has provided you with valuable information concerning Cornucopias’ NFT mints. As our minting process grows and evolves, we will keep this article updated with the most relevant information so that it becomes a useful resource for the community.  

Don’t forget to follow all our social media families and be sure to join our Discord and Telegram communities for the latest updates from the Cornucopias gaming metaverse.  

Thanks for reading…