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Introduction to the Future of Gaming: Playable NFTs and the Cornucopias Metaverse

"Cornucopias is a blockchain-based metaverse game.


As a member of this growing community, you are on the ground floor of a new type of gaming studio. With the help of community members like you, we are revolutionizing the relationship people all around the world have with gaming. As early adopters of an incredibly new concept, the future of gaming awaits all of us!

The Cornucopias Team is selling NFTs with an end goal in mind: to enable the building and development of a blockchain-based gaming studio. Together, we are creating a Massive Multiplayer Online Metaverse Role Playing Game (MMOMRPG) experience combined with a Play-to-Earn crypto-powered ecosystem unlike any other. Cornucopias is an entirely new breed of gaming. Our internal development teams are constantly redefining the limits of what’s possible within a gaming engine in order to incorporate blockchain technology in new and immersive ways.

This massive RPG metaverse game is for the crypto community and mainstream gamers alike. Cornucopians will sit at the center of an integrated blockchain gaming experience available on mobile, desktop, tablet, and traditional video gaming consoles to players around the world.

The flippers can have their fun.
This project belongs to the HODL'ers. 
This project belongs to a new generation of gamers.

The Cornucopias Team is a decentralized strike force. We come from different walks of life, different parts of the globe, and different professional fields. But we are united by the belief that we will change the gaming industry forever. Our job will not be done until we've fused blockchain and gaming into a new, insanely immersive genre of entertainment.

On that note, dear Cornucopians, the COPIWatch Team would like to officially introduce you to the future of gaming!

Cornucopias' Official Letter of Introduction to the Future of Gaming

The ADA raised by NFT sales is helping to fund the growth of your gaming metaverse. With your help, the Cornucopias team is evolving into a decentralized, AAA blockchain-based gaming powerhouse. Every Cornucopias NFT released into the marketplace, including any NFT that you mint, has been engineered with specific in-game utility, as well as beneficial use cases - such as DeFi. 

NFTs represent an exciting new future in the world of gaming. For the first time ever, gamers can capitalize on the real-world time and effort they've put into acquiring rare or unique items within a game. No matter what kind of gamer you are, you've likely dedicated hours to defeating a boss, winning a trophy, or unlocking an accomplishment. How many hours did it take you to master speedrunning a stage? How long did you search for that shiny Pokémon?

Imagine if your high scores and trophy cabinet were forever etched on the blockchain. Or what if you were able to download a rare item drop from a boss battle onto an external device outside of the game? Your gaming accomplishments would be kept safe long after the last server stops hosting the game. You wouldn't have to worry about losing the original game cartridge. You would never have to recommit yourself to achieving the same in-game reward again. More importantly, your original accomplishment would forever be secure and yours alone to own.

Let’s continue with this example. What if you could take the original Pikachu companion from Pokémon Yellow Edition (the one who used to follow you around everywhere) and upload your pal as a playable version of the Pikachu in Smash Bros. Ultimate, or as a character model in the latest edition of Pokémon Snap?

What if you could take that same Pokémon Yellow Edition Pikachu and sell it on a platform like eBay? Only you, as the asset’s sole owner, would be able to provide the credentials to brandish a unique digital certificate of authenticity.

And what if it were possible to immediately and securely transfer your gaming asset to your customer’s wallet after verifying and accepting exact payment through the blockchain?

Take this Concept a Step Further: NFT gaming assets with built-in use cases.

NFTs that can be moved from one game into a completely different game as fully playable within that game’s code are not on the market yet. Yet this is where the future of gaming is headed. What is possible now are NFTs that can be used as in-game assets to unlock many different features within a gaming metaverse.

Let’s go back to our Pikachu companion example. Imagine if blockchain gaming technology had been around when the early Pokémon series was released. It would have been possible to connect your wallet to a Pokémon Yellow Edition game and mint a first edition Pikachu companion as an NFT gaming asset with a unique serial number. As the sole owner of this specific Pikachu companion, you would be able to unlock certain features within that release of the game, as well as future Pokémon games.

For example, you could have access to new areas of the map, or unlock special side-quests and mini-games that only Pikachu companion NFT holders would be able to access. If you continue to hold your first edition Pikachu companion, you would also be able to stake your NFT in exchange for in-game rewards, such as rare poké balls, in-game currency, or special battle items.

As a holder of this Pokémon NFT asset, you would also be entitled to certain perks, such as being invited to exclusive tournaments or being recognized as an official member of the “Yellow Edition Pokémon League” with a special NFT Gym Trainer’s Badge. Imagine that holding a Pikachu companion NFT would allow you to be part of alpha game test groups for future Pokémon releases. You would even be asked to weigh in on how the Pokemon franchise should grow and evolve. In our example, holding this type of NFT would give you voting rights in shaping the future of Pokémon!

As an NFT gaming asset, your Pikachu companion would also carry a pedigree with it. You would be able to access a detailed record of all your trainer battles, tournament wins, and other things that it helped you to accomplish within the game. If you ever choose to sell your Pikachu companion on a secondary NFT marketplace, you would be able to use its pedigree to increase your asking price. A Pikachu companion NFT with 0 tournament wins would sell at a much lower price than an NFT with several high-profile tournament wins.

All of these things are well within the realm of possibilities today. The NFTs being brought to market for the Cornucopias gaming metaverse will be capable of doing many of the things illustrated above and more!

Unfortunately, the COPIWatch team cannot yet elaborate on the use cases behind our NFT gaming assets. These details will be explored in future installments of COPIWatch. We’ll be providing a robust discussion about the in-game utility of our NFT gaming assets, starting with the First Edition Bubblejett Sprinter and GTI Javelin.

NFTs and the Future of Gaming.

Many individuals do not yet realize the full implications of NFTs on the future of gaming. The uninitiated think that NFTs are nothing more than digital art and fancy .jpeg files that sell for ridiculous amounts of money.

But Cornucopians know the truth. 

As more and more people adopt NFT technology, there is going to be a quantum leap in what this technology will be capable of doing.

As this happens, mainstream gaming becomes changed forever. Cornucopians are leading the charge in the Cardano metaverse gaming industry. NFTs, like the First Edition Bubblejet Sprinter, and the GTI Javelin, are not only unique works of digital art but also fully playable, in-game assets that can also be sold, traded, or collected.

They will each have a set of in-game features, performance specifications, and specific utility as NFT gaming assets very similar to the examples provided above. Cornucopias will be fully released on Unreal Engine 5 as a blockchain-based MMOMRPG metaverse to a growing worldwide audience. 

As such, the first edition NFTs like the Bubblejett Sprinter and GTI Javelin will become extremely useful and sought after. They will provide holders critical advantages within the game. As an increasing number of players populate Cornucopias’ metaverse, these NFTs will become extremely scarce.

Cornucopias’ NFTs will also be central to how the game’s play-to-earn mechanics work.

As a blockchain gamer in a play-to-earn MMOMRPG, your role is twofold:

1 — Play to earn, of course.
2 — But also play to add value to the project.

Players who own NFTs will inevitably take part in how the game is shaped as they figure out new ways to earn. Owning NFTs within Cornucopias will allow gamers to participate within Cornucopias’ DeFi cryptocurrency ecosystems. At its core, the metaverse is shaped around community-driven projects and companies. The more involved you are in the game, the more opportunities you will find to fuse the real world with the digital world in a thriving, value-generating, video-game economy.

If you’re holding onto a first edition Cornucopias’ NFT, keep holding onto it! It is a very early and a very precious piece of gaming history! Someday soon, it will have insane amounts of utility within the game that the Cornucopias Team is building for you!

Final Note:

Most people do not understand the true power of NFTs. As Cornucopians, you are helping to change that.

The Cornucopias team is laser-focused on building all aspects of this game. Everything we are doing is methodically planned to add more and more value to everyone who is participating in our community. It doesn’t matter whether you are a COPI token holder, NFT holder, or just someone who loves to game.

It is still very early to fully conceptualize what the future of gaming holds thanks to NFT technology. But this update was greatly informed by an article written by Cornucopias’ CEO, Rob Greig.

Rob brings a developer’s perspective to a complex subject and explains what NFTs are, and what might be possible within Cornucopias’ gaming metaverse. He outlines this in an easy-to-understand, carefully crafted, and thought-provoking editorial that is a must-read for the Cornucopias Community and anyone new to NFTs.