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Lovelace World Partners with Cornucopias

Cornucopias is incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Lovelace World! The metaverse has already begun to touch the lives of countless people. As a Tier 1 game, Lovelace World boasts immense potential for furthering the evolution of this emerging virtual landscape. Additionally, Lovelace maintains comprehensive NFT functionality, allowing users to build their stake in this virtual ecosystem for years to come.

The starter island serves as Cornucopias’ introduction to the sprawling landscape of the metaverse. Containing many themed zones ranging from Wild West to Life on the Farm, users reap the rewards of their in-game actions directly through the play-to-earn model. This configuration allows users to receive transferable units of account by playing minigames, crafting items, and filling whatever role they desire in this dynamic gameplay environment.

Benefits of the partnership

Lovelace brings unprecedented levels of technological expertise to the table. By allowing for the white labeling of their assets into any gaming project, inhabitants of the game benefit significantly from Lovelace’s differentiated service offerings. This expertise extends far beyond a simple technology collaboration - the partnership affords Cornucopias first-mover advantage as one of the flagship entities listing NFTs on the Lovelace Marketplace. Mutually beneficial promotions, cross-platform discounts, and exclusive NFTs remain on the table for inhabitants of the game and the Lovelace ecosystem.

This collaboration offers Lovelace a firm connection to an enthusiastic community of highly motivated gamers. By introducing further value to the Cornucopias ecosystem, Lovelace enjoys intrinsic exposure to subsequent games launched on the platform. As the game's population continues to grow, the overlap of value flowing to the Lovelace Marketplace grows in tandem. These confluences of value demonstrate the massive opportunity in fostering mutual wins amongst metaverse participants. 

Pain Point in current Crypto-gaming space

The concept of NFTs and the metaverse has only just begun to penetrate the mainstream. The ensuing social frenzy has led many developers to sprint through the development process to take advantage of this digital renaissance. Unfortunately, these accelerated timetables often compromise quality for speed. Many of the showcased games inhabiting the early metaverse barely rival mid-tier mobile games of the past decade. This comparative lack of quality regarding metaverse games fails to sufficiently capture the seamless functionality possible through thoughtful game development and integration of these new and novel features. 

Token and NFT utility shouldn’t just be an afterthought or a marketing gimmick - if they are, the sustainability of a given project deserves questioning. With crypto markets already breaking all-time highs and social consciousness towards these technologies experiencing unprecedented hype, game developers can take a slice of the pie with relative ease. Such projects miss the historic potential offered by the metaverse. Building scalable, long-term gameplay environments represents the new digital highways onboarding users into this revolutionary new virtual landscape. 

Cornucopias cuts through the noise with a laser focus on optimizing the metaverse experience for our end users and was built using a Blockchain first mentality. We firmly believe in conveying the deep value of this technology stack in an accessible and sustainable manner to the wider public. Cornucopias combines a carefully balanced combination of recreational environment and utilitarian focus. This combination allows companies, organizations, and your average gamer to derive deep satisfaction from their preferred style of work and play within the metaverse.  

Highlight the Team

The world-class Cornucopias team shares a unified vision in building the future of the metaverse :

“The metaverse and blockchain-based gaming are still incredibly early, which gives us unique problems to solve through innovation. We have so many varied use cases for NFTs, and this Lovelace partnership provides tooling infrastructure that enables us to focus on what we love- gaming and innovation!” Josh Jones

With nearly a century’s worth of collective experience, the Cornucopias team possesses an incredible amount of diverse talent. Serial entrepreneurs and developers, all team members share a deep passion for how blockchain technology continues to improve the world. Robert Greigs’ decades worth of experience, developing software and building teams affirms his deep technological expertise, while Josh Jones’ rich business development experience provides clear direction in a highly dynamic environment. Geoff Hewett commands significant experience with operations, securing data and protecting users, meshing seamlessly with Ant Renick’s decades’ worth of experience in system analytics and quality assurance. The Cornucopias team’s professional and practical expertise make them the perfect force for trailblazing a clear path into the metaverse.

About Cornucopias

Cornucopias contains immersive metaverse environments that enchant players of all types and ages. Zones like Age of the Samurai allow players to experience rich lore and engaging gameplay styles while benefiting from Cornucopias’ play-to-earn model. Whether you’re a lone wolf exploring the vast landscape of the game or a team of friends looking to deepen your bonds as you play, build and learn around  the metaverse, Cornucopias offers the perfect environment to satisfy your thirst for adventure and knowledge .

As players traverse this virtual world, businesses can choose to purchase virtual plots of land and showcase their service offerings, crafting unique incentives for players to interact with their assets. Businesses benefit immensely from the lack of physical overhead associated with this new exciting, immersive digital environment. Advertise new products, host promotional events, offer customer support services - endless possibilities await businesses who pioneer this emerging customer touchpoint. Companies can even offer real-world business services to potential clients in the Cornucopias metaverse, allowing for tangible touchpoints in the virtual world. 

NFTs serve as a powerful tool, accomplishing a clear delineation of ownership over virtual assets. Players can earn NFTs through gameplay, buy and sell them on the open market, or trade them with other players. One of the most impactful aspects of the Cornucopias metaverse is the ability for players to use their NFTs dynamically in-game and sell these NFTs for both in-game and real-world value. Currently, users can engage with the familiar and enjoyable gameplay environments found within Cornucopias. As the Cornucopias metaverse evolves, gameplay styles akin to Minecraft and Roblox will take shape and remain in active development. 

Players maintain direct ownership over the direction of the Cornucopias metaverse. A decentralized autonomous organization governs the decision-making process, providing users who own certain types of tokens or NFTs the ability to steer the ship of Cornucopias’ development. We believe players themselves should have a tangible voice in this virtual world - as the heart of the ecosystem and Cornucopias metaverse. We look forward to collaborating with the community on future developments for years to come.

About Lovelace World

Lovelace has begun to break down the barriers to entry for the metaverse via their seamless cross-chain toolkit that allows any developer to create a virtual environment with ease. This “metaverse-as-a-service” offering allows ambitious creators, collectors, and gamers to collaborate dynamically on the digital worlds of their choosing. By combining the functionality of NFT storefronts and P2E gaming, Lovelace facilitates a turn-key development process. Additionally, the inclusion of the rich functionality of decentralized finance and a dedicated launchpad service places Lovelace as the preeminent one-stop-shop for teams helping to build the metaverse. 

The bountiful toolbox provided by Lovelace contains an extensive number of user-friendly tools that allow for customized interactions with emerging technology. In this way, Lovelace strives to establish an industry standard for creating, collaborating, and deploying metaverse environments for developers and end-users. This process helps build a healthier and more diverse environment in which developers, players, artists, and companies can facilitate mutually beneficial interactions while crafting the bold new frontier of the metaverse!