Cover Image for Recent highlights from Cornucopias, Cardano's most ambitious play-to-earn metaverse game.

Recent highlights from Cornucopias, Cardano's most ambitious play-to-earn metaverse game.

Cornucopians, As Cornucopias’ NFT land sale draws near, Cornucopians have been extremely active across every inch of the internet. Indeed, the last few weeks have been jam-packed with exciting developments across Cornucopias’ play-to-earn metaverse

With the GTI Javelin giveaway, word of Cornucopias’ unique play-to-earn NFT ecosystem has spread across the web. This is evident in the strong growth of our social media families. March saw a sharp increase in followers of Cornucopias’ official Twitter account as well as our official Discord server. Meanwhile, NFT sales on the secondary marketplaces for the Bubblejett Sprinter and GTI Javelin have remained strong with a combined total of 2.6 million ADA in trading volume!

Continued, organic community growth is the foundation of Cornucopias!

The latest news highlights from the Cornucopias Metaverse.

Cornucopias has joined the humanitarian relief efforts of Ukrainianpool, an ISPO-based charitable crypto fundraising project. Ukrainianpool is designed to assist Ukrainians affected by the geopolitical turmoil that is currently unfolding. Cornucopias’ CEO, Rob Greig, serves as Ukrainianpool’s Technology Support Lead and has openly encouraged the crypto community to get involved in the relief efforts. 

The Cornucopias team stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and invites any member of the community to show their support by participating in the relief efforts, if possible.

Additionally, James Bowater, founder and editor of Crypto AM, and one of Cornucopias’ finest advisors was recently spotted at 2022’s Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai. In a picture that’s been making the rounds on Twitter, James Bowater can be seen posing with Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson, shortly after Hoskinson’s keynote speech. Does this epic encounter between one of Corncopias’ advisors and Hoskinson hint at exciting future developments? 

Only time will tell. 

With all the positive news around the project, Cornucopias has become ensconced within the public’s consciousness as a major play-to-earn presence on the Cardano blockchain. As your metaverse project pushes toward one milestone after another, the Cornucopias team has also accelerated our community outreach efforts. 

There is no better example of this than the latest edition to the growing collection of corn-centric content: COPICafe. 

Crack open your favorite beverage: Introducing COPICafe.

Cornucopias’ forward momentum relies on the open channels of communication between the Cornucopias team and our community. COPICafe was launched as an effort to further strengthen these channels and establish greater transparency and closeness with all Cornucopians as together we create the ultimate play-to-earn metaverse experience. 

Josh Jones, CEO of Cornucopias, addresses the paramount importance of a decentralized, creative community in the first installment of COPICafe: “Our community is so important because our goal is to gradually decentralize over time so that our play-to-earn metaverse becomes self-building.”

Josh continues, “We’ve got the tools now for people to build in our world. Eventually, these tools will allow people to build city buildings and all sorts of stuff. We want to empower the community to build in our metaverse and in our world.” Indeed, Cornucopias’ vision includes plans to more fully decentralize into a community-built, play-to-earn metaverse for gamers, cryptonauts, and creatives alike. 

Cornucopia’s play-to-earn and build-to-earn mechanics have been designed to empower and incentivize gamers and creatives who help to construct the metaverse game. It is in this spirit that in the latest edition of COPICafe, Rob Greig invites the crypto-creatives within the Cornucopias community to participate in Community Challenge #16

This is an open invitation for anyone to create a submission in the style of a Spaghetti Western movie poster. You can find more information on this art competition on Conucopias’ Discord Server


Every episode of COPICafe promises to be loaded with engaging conversations about a variety of topics. This will include how Cornucopias’ play-to-earn mechanics work, exciting behind-the-scenes previews of what’s to come, and announcements about community-focused activities and competitions.

These topics and many more will be discussed in detail by Josh Jones and Rob Greig, the corn-brains behind it all! So crack open your favorite beverage, relax, and don’t miss a single installment of these corntastic conversations on COPICafe! 

COPI Comes Home to Cardano: Minswap Listing

Earlier this month the Cornucopias team was thrilled to announce that Cornucopias’ COPI token is finally available as a native asset on the Cardano blockchain. This represents a massive step forward in Cornucopias’ endeavors to penetrate the Cardano community as a viable contender for the most innovative, play-to-earn metaverse project on the blockchain. 

This goal remained elusive as COPI token was only available as a BSC-COPI trading pair on Pancakeswap. There are no plans to abandon the BSC-COPI trading pair in favor of the ADA+COPI token. However, the community has been asking when a bridge between the two tokens will be available. The Cornucopias team is working closely with ChainPort, a security-focused blockchain bridge, to provide a feasible cross-chain porting solution as soon as possible. 

The community’s security is of the utmost importance, thus several rounds of testing are necessary before the public bridge can be announced and put to use. Additionally, COPI token is also the first project ported by ChainPort from Ethereum & the Binance Smart Chain over to Cardano, setting yet another impressive precedent for Cornucopias’ play-to-earn metaverse! 

While an ADA+COPI liquidity pool presently exists on Minswap, yield farming is not yet available. Cornucopians can change this by voting for an ADA+COPI yield farm via Minswap’s official forum. This will allow the Cornucopias community to more fully integrate on Cardano’s most popular DEX while also providing increased liquidity for both COPI and MIN, Minswaps native token. 

The Cornucopias team has allocated COPI tokens for farming and staking, so all that’s missing to make this happen is your vote! You can lend your support to this initiative by commenting, liking, and engaging with Cornucopias’ proposal on Minswap’s official community forum

Bubblejett OG Custom Mint & Discord Roles.

Recently several new features have been popping up all over Cornucopias’ official Discord server. Our NFT management team has been working with the Old Guard and Cornucopias’ internal development teams to prepare for the upcoming Bubblejett OG Custom mint. 

If you’re a member of the OG, the Cornucopias team would like to thank you, first for your patience, and second for participating in the test mint with our new systems. Also, please make sure that you’ve followed the instructions on the latest message from Matt on the OG-announcement thread, in preparation for the mint! 

A new NFT verification system has been integrated into Cornucopias’ Discord server. If you’re an NFT holder, please be sure to verify your wallet address. The process is simple and once complete, you will be assigned new Discord roles depending on which NFTs you hold. These roles will give you exclusive access to special chats available only to Cornucoipias’ NFT holders and other perks yet to be announced. 

These new features have been conceived not only to provide Cornucopias’ NFTs with a use case before the game even launches but also to lay the foundation for Cornucopias’ official NFT marketplace. While it is still being developed, this system allows for one-way communication between NFT holders and the Cornucopias team via an individual’s Discord profile, as well as a potential whitelisting system for future mints. 

The COPIWatch team will bring you more details on the role this system will play during the NFT land mint in later installments of COPIWatch.

For now, the Bubblejett Sprinter and GTI Javelin are both available to purchase on secondary NFT marketplaces. These NFTs will serve crucial roles in Cornucopias’ play-to-earn metaverse game, but can unlock sweet Discord perks now!

Final Note:

The COPIWatch team hopes this installment of your community newsletter was an enjoyable, value-loaded read! 

Also, don’t forget that COPI is now available in two cryptolicious flavors! 

Cardano Token Policy:

The ADA+COPI token can be purchased on Minswap.
Suggested wallets: Nami or Eternl (formerlly CC.Vault)



Binance Smart Chain Contract:



The BSC+COPI token can be purchased on Pancakeswap.
Suggested wallets: Metamask or Trustwallet