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  • GeroWallet and Cornucopias

      Cornucopias is excited to announce a partnership with GeroWallet. A partnership with GeroWallet facilitates the creation of an economy within our game and allows players to earn, upgrade, and trade NFT’s, own land, and much more.  These features will require many functions, some of which GeroWallet is already beta testing. Players will need wallets …

  • Play To Earn Revolution

    A new era of online gaming is upon us through the synergy of RPG MMOs and Blockchain technology. These games will accommodate sustainable ecosystems where in-game commodities known as NFT’s can be used to trade, sell and transfer for real currency. In addition, blockchain technology allows the players to be rewarded for their engagement. Ultimately, …

  • Cornucopias Whitepaper Overview

    In case you don’t have time to read our Whitepaper, here is a brief overview of what’s contained inside it. The play-to-earn mantra is threaded into the Cornucopias vision bringing power and new economics to the player. By playing enjoyable games the player will be able to earn cryptocurrency which in turn…