Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cornucopias Game?

Cornucopia, The Island, is a massive Play-To-Earn blockchain based game where players can be rewarded with and/or own NFT based assets.  Read our whitepaper for the full scoop.

When will you be selling virtual land?

We are uncertain the dates of our public land sales at this time.  If you are reading this you have caught us at a very early stage, so congrats.  Hang in there with us, the first public land sale will be broadcast loud and clear on our socials.

What can you do with virtual land?

We are creating entire economies based upon the zones that the land is in.  For example, in “Life on the Farm”, you will be able to lease your land to farmers or farm it yourself, earning resources by trading your commodities. You can find more info in our whitepaper.

What will be the total land units for sale?

We will start with 600 plots per zone. (see whitepaper tokenomics for more info)

Will you have your own token?

Yes and first availability will be through a launchpad.  We have currently not yet decided which launchpad we will go with but we are determining the timeline to launch date now.

What can you do with the token?

Our primary token you will be able to buy land with.

When will you be selling NFTs?

We are hoping to be selling NFT’s by November.

What are your official channels?

Twitter:  @cornucopiasgame 

 **Beware of scammers and imposters!