Epic one-time NFT Flash Sale


February 25, 2022

3:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM UTC


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Get your in-game playable BubbleJett Sprinter NFT with variable rarity and show the world your freshly minted ride!

NFT & Sale Details

Everything you need to know on the specifics of the sale.

Sale Details

Price: 120 ADA

Quantity: 11,900

Chain: Cardano

Date: February 25, 2022

NFT Type: In-game playable

NFT Rarities

Common | 45% rarity

Uncommon | 27% rarity

Rare | 18% rarity

Legendary | 9% rarity

Mythic | 1% rarity

How to Prepare

Cornucopias’ first NFT sale will be easy and straightforward if you are prepared. You will need a compatible wallet with enough ADA to cover your purchase and transaction fees.

Mobile wallets are not compatible with this sale, so make sure to use a desktop browser with a wallet extension. Also, please do not use your wallet for any transactions for at least one hour before the Bubblejett Sprinter NFT sale.

Please keep in mind that you will be able to mint a max of 3 NFTs at a time per wallet

Install Compatible Wallet

In order to participate in this NFT sale, you will need to make sure you have a compatible wallet extension installed in your desktop browser. This first sale will support the NAMI and ccvault wallets, but more wallets will be added in the future.

  Nami Wallet

A wallet to experience Cardano to the fullest

  ccvault Wallet

A Cardano light wallet.

Have ADA in Your Wallet

Once you have chosen a compatible wallet, you will need to transfer the amount of ADA you want to spend to your wallet. We recommend having an extra 5 ADA for the minting process and Cardano transactional fees.

Desktop Browser Only

Only a desktop browser with wallet extensions will be supported for this sale. At the time of the sale, please make sure you are on a desktop and that the Nami wallet or ccvault wallet is installed on your browser.


Soon you’ll have one-time access to Cornucopias’ exclusive first edition series of Bubblejett Sprinter NFTs. Each NFT will be minted with a first edition serial number, dramatically increasing your Sprinter’s uniqueness and collectibility as the game’s metaverse grows!

We are proud to present you with 11,900 Bubblejett Sprinter NFTs for our first ever NFT sale! The remaining 100 have been reserved for future marketing, giveaways, and as a team bonus. They will retain the same rarity odds as the NFTs on sale to our community. The rarity of the models is based on a percentage out of every 100 NFTs sold. Therefore, only one Bubblejett Sprinter set aside for the Cornucopias team is of the rarest Mystic value.

Cornucopians who participate in the sale will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sprint way ahead of other gamers and position themselves as absolute power players within Cornucopias’ gaming metaverse.

What to Expect

Bubblejett Sprinter NFTs will be fully playable within Cornucopias as an advanced method of personal in-game transportation. More in-game functions will soon be revealed, but  Bubblejett Sprinter NFTs can also be sold, traded, or collected! Pick your favorite ride to level up your gaming experience, or keep some Sprinters in your collection to resell in the upcoming marketplace.

Better yet, store them in the  hangar you’ll be able to build on your Island Bubble to showcase your collection to other gamers or potential buyers! You can even start a virtual Bubblejett Sprinter ride-sharing service! (Crypto-powered Uber, anyone?)

There will be five randomly generated models, each with an increasing degree of rarity, for every 100 Sprinters sold. So the best way to get a super rare Legendary or hyper-rare Mythical model is to collect as many Bubblejett Sprinter NFTs as possible.

Please note
  • This is not financial advice and nothing we state in social media, our website or publicly constitutes a promise of future return.

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