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Cornucopias founders Josh Jones and Rob Greig appear in a weekly show to discuss everything going on with the Cornucopias team. Topics covered include partnership announcements, digital asset sale details, roadmap updates, special guests, general industry topics and development leaks. Premiering on YouTube every Friday afternoon, it’s the best place to get all of the latest developments happening in the world of Cornucopias.

MARKETING PUSH | Copi Cafe 83 | Cornucopias

Welcome to the latest episode of Copi Cafe, where hosts Rob Greig and Josh Jones bring you exciting updates and insights into the world of gaming and beyond! In this episode, the duo talks about the newest testing release, "Let's Get Spacial" and what's in store for the next release. Plus, they're joined by the Marketing Director, Matt, to discuss the upcoming marketing push that has everyone buzzing! Key Highlights: Let's Get Spacial Release: Rob and Josh dive into the new testing release, sharing their thoughts on what makes it so special and what players can expect when diving into this exciting new gaming experience. Team Growth and Tokenomics: The hosts discuss the team's growth and how it's impacting the development process. They also provide some tantalizing hints about the upcoming tokenomics information and when we can expect to learn more. Node Updates: Rob and Josh share the latest on the Nodes and what's in store for the future. Marketing Director Matt Joins the Show: The Marketing Director, Matt, joins the show to talk about the upcoming marketing push and what it means for the future of Copi Cafe and the gaming community. Community Questions: Rob and Josh wrap up the episode by answering some burning community questions, providing valuable insights and information for fans of the show and the gaming world. Don't miss this exciting episode of Copi Cafe, packed with engaging conversations and exclusive updates! Tune in now to get the inside scoop on the latest gaming news and developments. 00:00 Beverage Choices 03:31 Inventory System 05:46 Avatar Creator 09:01 Team Growth! 14:32 Tokenomics 16:59 Nodes 20:58 Matt Marketing Update 45:02 Community Questions Linktree: Cornucopias is a cutting edge MMO RPG, set in a world where humanity has ascended from the earth's surface

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