Game Reels

Come here for all of the upcoming videos showcasing different areas of Cornucopias. From Solace to Esperanza to the Calido Valley Raceway. From Custom Dome builds to a home bubble available to all for free. This is the place to see the progression of the art style as all of the in-game assets and environments go through rounds and rounds of updates.

The Land of Cornucopias in Unreal Engine 5

Feast your eyes on Cornucopias' UE5 LAND! Please immerse yourself in Cornucopias' Metaverse progress. Grassland, farmland, forests, waterfalls, lakes, and much more. All for you to explore and play! As always, tweet and share across as many social platforms as you can. Cornucopias is a MMORPG where player-driven economies and a thirst for adventure rule the bubbleverse. Develop your skills as a trader, artisan, or entrepreneur as you explore the Cornucopian land masses enclosed in floating domes thousands of meters high.

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