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Come here for all of the upcoming videos showcasing different areas of Cornucopias. From Solace to Esperanza to the Calido Valley Raceway. From Custom Dome builds to a home bubble available to all for free. This is the place to see the progression of the art style as all of the in-game assets and environments go through rounds and rounds of updates.

The MMO Mining You've Been Waiting For | Cornucopias

Cornucopias is excited to release a glimpse of early mining gameplay in the form of Northpoint Mine! Our art and programming teams are laying the foundation for gameplay that emphasizes exploration, discovery, and adventure. Mining for rare materials within Cornucopias is a core gaming feature that will drive the in-game economy through commerce, trade, and crafting. Hop into this video and immerse yourself with the excitement of discovering rare materials, utilizing mining tools and collecting your treasure! But watch your step, mines are dangerous! Cornucopias, an open-world MMORPG developed on UE5, is currently in early access. The world of Cornucopias offers an immersive experience set in a post-apocalyptic sky-bound setting—an alternate universe's take on Earth. Pushing boundaries with the latest Unreal Engine technology, including Nanite and Lumen, Cornucopias provides players with a diverse range of gaming mechanics. These encompass survival, racing, flight, exploration, combat, building, mining, economy, and gathering, all within the backdrop of their personally crafted avatars. Craving more gameplay? Stay in the loop with our constant progress and development updates by visiting our Linktree and becoming part of our community (Link provided below).

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